New Pianos

When buying any piano new or used the most important thing is choice, and when choosing your new piano there are also additional considerations, such as the price, the quality, and the status of the supplier.

Thankfully for anyone looking for a new piano in the North East, all of these aspects and criteria are taken care of courtesy of Tyneside Piano Company, the premier piano suppliers of the region and appointed agents for Steinway & Sons for the North East, Cumbria and Scotland. Customers are assured of the exacting services they need to help make the right choice in what will be the new piano they deserve.

Steinway & Sons of course represents the pinnacle of piano making and when only the best new piano will do there is simply no alternative. This most illustrious of piano makers do however lend their name to additional brands which may offer a more affordable entry into the luxury new piano market.

These include the Boston brand, in a series of upright and grand models in a range of superb finishes and with extremely high-quality construction as standard.

These are characteristics too of the Essex range, again designed by Steinway and with many examples in stock from both these brands there is sure to be the perfect option to suit any home.

Tyneside Piano Company stocks a comprehensive range of other makers’ instruments, popular amongst them are the Pearl River family of pianos, widely regarded as one of the best entry level piano producers worldwide.

Further makes held in stock include August Förster, Petrof, Feurich, Samick, Reid-Sohn, Ritmüller and Kayserburg, representing an unparalleled range of new pianos in the Northeast.

Professional staff are on hand to deal with any enquiries and to give invaluable advice on the best new or pre-owned piano to suit both the player and the home and to make the piano not just a beautiful and useful instrument but a lifelong investment.

New Pianos We Sell