Restoration, Repair & Servicing

The expert craftsmen in our Ashington workshops can lovingly restore your piano to its former glory using skills and techniques past down from generation to generation. Your piano will be given the special care and attention needed to create an instrument, which possesses both beauty, grace and a magnificent tone.

Your piano, a faithful and gracious companion, deserves the best possible care to bring every note to life. At Tyneside Piano Company, we understand how important, and exacting your needs for a perfect instrument are.

We can offer you a full and comprehensive restoration service, to bring your piano back to its best. Experience the true tone and superb quality of your piano, after our craftsmen take care of its refurbishment, and you will be truly amazed by the difference it can make.

To keep your piano in the best possible condition, we recommend that you have it regularly tuned, we recommend having your piano tuned every six months. We also recommend that your piano is serviced at least once every three years, if your piano is used on a regular basis servicing should be carried out yearly. Servicing is a completely different job to tuning and it ensures that your piano retains its smooth playability, even tonal quality and it also helps retain the value of your piano should you ever want to upgrade or sell your instrument.

Like all fine stringed instruments, it is necessary to have maintenance carried out on a regular basis to maintain the tonal quality and clarity of notes. If left without regular maintenance strings can start to snap, which can be dangerous to you, and cause damage to your piano. Normally all servicing, adjustments and tuning can be carried out in situ, and our expert technicians will alert you to any other problems that your instrument may have that needs further attention.

Not only can we give you a superbly tuned and toned instrument, but we can also make it look just as delightful. We have the skilled craftsmen and technicians necessary to completely renovate the exterior of your piano, from repairing a few scratches or sun damage, to completely new veneers.

We can undertake modern spray polishing to apply a highly durable finish to your piano, all carried out by highly specialised craftsmen in our workshops, and have a fine range of wood veneers and finishes for you to choose from.

Of course transporting you piano is easy with our specialist collection and delivery service. Highly trained and specialised in the removal and transportation of pianos for many years, we can carefully take your piano to any destination you require with our specially equipped transportation and Klavier Roller System. Call us to discuss your exact requirements and get a quotation.

Naturally all the work undertaken in our workshops is done by exceedingly experienced craftsmen and technicians, and is fully guaranteed for five years.