About Us

Established in 1956 and still a family business today, Tyneside Piano Company is the premier supplier of pianos in the North East. As appointed agents for Steinway & Sons and the Steinway family of pianos-Boston & Essex, for the North East, Cumbria and Scotland, customers can be assured of the very best quality, service, playability and craftsmanship the finest pianos in the world can offer. In addition to the best new pianos for sale the company can also provide a wide selection of affordable refurbished pre-owned instruments, and as agents too for top brands including August Förster, Petrof, Feurich, Ritmüller and Kayserburg, finding the right instrument to meet exacting requirements is easily achievable.

Such is the influence of the Tyneside Piano Company in the North East that we are proud to have helped supply no less than 61 Steinway pianos to Durham University, making it the only ‘all-Steinway School’ in the North East. It is a natural partnership since just as Durham University can now promise a musical environment which attracts and enthrals the most gifted pupils, so the instruments provided by us come with the knowledge of care and attention to detail we provide. This is not just in the supply of the instruments but in the care, tuning, transportation and maintenance of pre-owned and new pianos, all of which are essential services to keep them in top condition throughout their many years of use.

This is perhaps which most defines pianos quite apart from other instruments, the wide criteria for use. These are not just instruments, but grand statements, beautiful talking pieces, elegant and architectural pieces of furniture, investments, valuable additions to a family home and indeed family heirlooms to be enjoyed and used by subsequent generations. This is why it is important to get the right piano not only to suit the budget and musical requirements but also to match the space set aside for it to take pride of place as the centrepiece for any home.

Key to the enduring success of Tyneside Piano Company as standard bearers for piano services in the North East is our highly skilled and trained staff who are well equipped to respond to specific requirements from customers. In addition to supplying, delivering and tuning the right instrument direct to homes, there is a range of bespoke services available in the tuning, servicing, transportation, repairs, refurbishment and refinishing of customers own pianos. Style, class, sophistication and elegance all are terms which spring to mind when thinking of pianos, and while it is certainly the case that the most beautiful of these instruments elicits such emotional responses, it is what they do rather than what they are which most stirs the passions. Ultimately, when choosing the right one it is how it plays and how it sounds which is important and there are many to choose from right here in stock to help you make that decision.