Boston UP-126E Performance Edition

Boston UP-126E Performance Edition

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An attractive alternative for those that do not have space in their home for a grand piano. Featuring the same characteristics and construction specifications of the Boston grand pianos, the upright has gained a firm foothold in the global market since its introduction as, for many players, it is the perfect introduction into the world of Steinway. The Boston UP-126E Performance Edition makes a great addition to any teaching studio or home. A longer music rest accommodates more music. Available in ebonised polish and mahogany polish.

Mahogany foot-piece soundboard lining and backboard. Specially-designed grand-type mahogany closing rim; unequalled vertical strength and stability and improved acoustics.

Pin block
Octagrip™ pin block made of 11 layers of hard rock maple.

Close and straight-grain solid (not laminated) Sitka spruce. Minimum 3 annual growth rings per cm.

Treble: Solid maple, curved to fit the crown of the soundboard. Bass: Solid maple mounted to cantilevered base.

Solid maple (all wood, no plastic) for all moving parts.

Genuine spruce, individually balanced and weighted. Synthetic ivory and ebony key covers.


Height: 126 cm
Width: 151 cm
Depth: 62 cm


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