Petrof P 125 G1/F1/K1/M1

Petrof P 125 G1/F1/K1/M1

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P 125 G1

The design cabinet of the G1 adds a number of elegant decorative elements to the classical appearance of the P125. This means it not only sounds good, but looks splendid too. Its qualities shine in a whole range of musical ensembles, schools, and places of entertainment, as well as in the foyers of theatres and concert halls, where its characteristic romantic sound gives pleasure to pianists and audiences alike.


P 125 F1

The P 125 F1 upright is a very popular model with great musical versatility. Players buy it for practice purposes and for home and school keyboard instruction, though when you sound its strings and allow its rounded and gentle tone to resonate, you will delight the guests at any venue. The F1’s cabinet combines both classical and modern design, which fits in with any home interior.


P 125 K1

We first exhibited the P 125 K1 at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt am Main in 2016. Musicians fell in love with it straight away and the first production series was immediately sold out. Now you too have the chance to acquire this admirable instrument. It is ideal not only for teaching and practising purposes, but also for playing in a chamber orchestra.


P 125 M1

The P 125 M1 also has its place in the Higher Series. This keyboard instrument is very elegant, modern and minimalistic. Customers like it chiefly for home and school instruction, for practising purposes, or for playing in a chamber orchestra. Our master piano builders produce it in a whole range of finishes, the most popular being high-gloss black and white.



Available in a range of finishes, call for more information.

P125 G1 height 125cm, depth 59cm, width 146.3cm.

P125 F1 height 125cm, depth 59cm, width 146.3cm.

P125 K1 height 125cm, depth 58.8cm, width 146.2cm.

P125 M1 height 125cm, depth 58.7cm, width 145.6cm.



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