Petrof P 118 P1/M1/S1

Petrof P 118 P1/M1/S1

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P 118 P1

The P 118 P1 upright of this height series, owing to its height, is aimed mostly at smaller interiors. This is a popular model of wide application. We recommend it for teaching and practising purposes, or else as an accompanying instrument for songs and recitals. You can choose from a number of surface finishes for the piano cabinet.


P 118 M1

The Middle series would not be complete without the popular P 118 M1. Its size means you can place it in the smallest interior, where its romantic tone will sing out beautifully. You can pass many a pleasant hour with your family by this instrument, and perfect your keyboard playing. Its design makes it blend superbly with modern furnishings.


P 118 S1

For smaller interiors and for teaching and practising purposes we also recommend the P 118 S1 upright. This piano comes with a very small cabinet that goes perfectly with the furnishings of any modern household or music school. Again you can choose from a number of surface finishes, ensuring that our instrument will delight you not just with its lovely sound, but also its beautiful appearance.


Available in a range of finishes, call for more information.

P 118 P1 height 118cm, depth 55cm, width 144.5cm.

P 118 M1 height 118cm, depth 54.1cm, width 144.5cm.

P 118 S1 height 118cm, depth 54.5cm, width 144.3cm.


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