Steinway & Sons Model V

Steinway & Sons Model V



A beautiful example of the very popular Steinway & Sons Model V upright piano in a stunning high gloss black case work. This piano dates from 2009 and has been well looked after and regularly maintained throughout its life.

STEINWAY upright pianos match the magnificence of our grands in every way, except these pianos are built with a vertical orientation. They are more space efficient and available in a range of sizes with varying weights. You can expect only the highest quality of materials, techniques, conditioning and processes, producing the finest upright pianos crafted by the most talented craftsmen. Our upright pianos take advantage of patented features and processes, including our Diaphragmatic Soundboard, Accelerated Action and Hexagrip Pinblock. The Model V’s tonal quality, responsiveness of touch, and stability of performance make this the ideal introduction to musical life with a Steinway.


Height: 125 cm
Width: 152.5 cm
Depth: 67.5 cm

Price includes a five-year guarantee, local ground floor delivery, matching stool and the first tuning after delivery.


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