Feurich 123-Vienna NEW


Feurich 123-Vienna NEW




The latest FEURICH innovation is the upright Model 123 – Vienna. A totally new and unique approach to piano design can be seen in key features such as the action, the casing, and the pedal system.

For this model, FEURICH came up with a new concept for the action design––©FEURICH – High Speed KAMM Action. This innovation allows for an extremely fast repetition which is normally something pianists can only experience on the best concert grand pianos. Thanks to this new action, the Vienna Piano has a lighter touch and a more precise response than any other upright piano on the market. Available in satin black.

Key Facts

  • Exclusive RENNER Action with new components, designed to our specification
  • ©FEURICH – High Speed KAMM Action for extremely fast repetition
  • RENNER hammer heads with Weickert-Special felts for an exceptionally rich tone
  • Innovative casing design (all parts, including side panels, can be removed––even playable without casing)
  • Environmentally friendly lacquer
  • PAULELLO rust-free strings
  • Integrated LED light
  • Opening panel on the front of the piano for better sound transmission
  • Maintenance-free FEURICH Pedal System for delicate nuances
  • Lead-free keyboard
  • Dimensions: h: 123 cm, w: 151cm, d: 62 cm;  

Price includes a five year guarantee, local ground floor delivery and the first tuning after delivery.



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