Boston UP-118E Performance Edition NEW

Boston UP-118E Performance Edition NEW



The BOSTON 118E PERFORMANCE EDITION combines the best in beauty and performance in an affordable piano. At a height of 46½” (118 cm) and a depth of 23½” (60 cm), the small profile allows you to fit this piano into almost any room.

Designed by STEINWAY & SONS, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the STEINWAY heritage synonymous with musical excellence, the BOSTON line of grand and upright pianos captures the STEINWAY DNA and represents a singular achievement in instrument-building: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible.

BOSTON UP-118E EP features

  • Octagrip® Pinblock
  • Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Massive Staggered Back Posts
  • All Wooden Action Parts
  • Mute Pedal
  • Brass Casters
  • Polished Brass Hardware
  • Slow-Fall Fallboard
  • Rotating Upper Panel Enhances Tone
  • Longer Music Rest Supports More Music
  • Classic Coved Top
  • Lower Tension String Scale for Increased Tonal Clarity, Depth, & Sustain
  • Ebony, Walnut and Mahogany Polish Finishes and Ebony and Walnut Satin Finishes


Height: 118 cm
Width: 151 cm
Depth: 58 cm

Price includes a 10-year guarantee, Steinway promise, local ground floor delivery and first tuning.

Available model in black high gloss with brass hardware.

£11,835 SOLD



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