Ritmüller GP-150R1, Walnut Gloss, NEW

Ritmüller GP-150R1, Walnut Gloss, NEW



The ideal choice for every home and every piano player, the R1 has been favourably compared to pianos costing thousands more.

The R1 is the smallest grand piano made by Pearl River in their Ritmüller series. The precise feel of the keyboard touch as well as its richness of timbre make this grand piano unique in its price range.

Designed by a leading European master piano maker the R1 incorporated classic designs with innovations and German parts that create an outstanding musical bass section compared to the competition. The Ritmuller has an upper section with sustain and musicality and a fast responsive action which delights any pianist.

From the soft-close fallboard and tapered legs to the adjustable music desk and twin position support for the bevel-edged top lid, this is a beautifully designed baby grand piano. The longer key depth enables you to control and feel the music projecting from both sides of the soundboard. This European-styled grand piano is ideal for those with restricted space or access but who have a taste for the tone and touch of a grand piano.

Length 148cm, Width 150cm, Height 99cm.


£8,699 SOLD


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